Yes. The ESIGN act of 2000 allows for electronic signatures on documents. For the I-9, we are in compliance with the guidance from US Citizenship and Immigration Service published in their Handbook for Employers M-274, Chapter 10.3.2. For the W-4, we are compliant with all of the requirements CFR-CFR - §31.3402(f)(5)-1(c).
All drivers licenses in the US have a PDF417 barcode on the back. That helps us get a persons name, address, and other information to identify them. Many other documents like visas, passports, permanent resident cards (including MICA / Green Card) have MRZ or machine readable zones. Other documents like a social security card have a number that is always in the same format. We scan the documents with the cell phone camera and use machine learning systems to read it. If a document is damaged or the camera can’t read it, you can still manually enter the data from the document.
Yes! You can upload any existing PDF document to the system that has form fields and firstDay can those out as well.
Under a minute to setup to fill out I-9 and W-4. It will take 5 to 10 minutes for each additional document template you want to add. We publish a free API to integrate with your payroll system. If your payroll vendor needs help, we can help them on a time and material basis.
All documents and signatures are encrypted using AES-256 encryption on Amazon S3 servers. All communications occur over secure encryption.